Setup Menu Commands

The Setup menu offers the following commands, which provide you assistance with this application:

Options Changes options for the application
Workdays Specifies the workdays for this alarm file.
Register Registers the application after you purchase a license.
Repair Repair Alarm++ Registry entries.
Remove Remove Alarm++ Registry entries.


Use this command to specify the days of the week that you work and any holidays or vacation time you anticipate. You cannot add a date in the past as a non-workday.

Alarm++ uses these days and dates when you use the Advanced settings for an alarm or the Offset.

When you press the Add button, Alarm++ automatically advances to the next date. This makes it easy to add a series of days you won't be working, such as a week-long vacation.


Use this command to register the shareware version of the application. Alarm++ prompts you for your name and registration key, which you receive from 12noon after you register Alarm++.

Alternatively, you can click the Browse button and select the .ini file provided by 12noon. You can also drag and drop that file onto the dialog box, and Alarm++ will automatically enter the information path in the appropriate fields.


Use this command if there is a problem getting Alarm++ to open the alarm files or displaying the icon for alarm files. It repairs all Alarm++ Registry entries.


Use this command to remove all Alarm++ Registry entries used by Alarm++.

Note: You can use the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs feature to uninstall Alarm++.

Evaluation Edition (Unregistered)


If you are upgrading Alarm++, please visit the 12noon Web site for current information on how to upgrade Alarm++.

Limited to five alarms

The evaluation (unregistered) edition can only create five alarms. Once the application is registered, you will be able to create an unlimited number of alarms and open alarm files created with previous versions of Alarm++.

Cannot open alarm files created with a previous version

The alarm file you are trying to open was created with a different version of Alarm++. You are using an evaluation copy of Alarm++. The evaluation copy cannot open alarm files created with another version of the application.

If you want to open alarm files created with previous versions, please register the application.

If you registered a previous version of Alarm++ and have installed an upgrade, you can obtain a new registration key from 12noon.

You can find more information on registering the application in the Products.txt file included with this application or on 12noon's Web site.

Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT Users

If you want to register Alarm++ so that it can be used by all of the users on the computer, you need to have administrator privileges. If you do not have administrator privileges, you can only register it for the current user. (Each user of the computer can register it this way if they wish.)

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