Alarm++ Main Window

The main window displays the alarms and alarm templates stored in the open alarm file. If you “hover” the cursor over an alarm's row, Alarm++ displays its name and message in a tooltip.

Templates are displayed in the left pane of the Alarm++ main window; alarms are displayed in the right pane. You can double-click on an alarm (or template) to edit its properties.

You can click on a column header to sort the list by that property. You can click again to reverse the order of the sort. You can also drag and drop a column's header to reorder the columns.

Each alarm displays information about itself in this window. The image to the far left of each alarm indicates the number of events that will occur.

(no image) No events will occur.
The event will occur one more time.
The event will occur a specific number of times (more than one).
The event repeats until a specified date.
The event repeats forever.

Next to that is an image which indicates the action the alarm will take when an event occurs:

(no image) The event displays a window and/or plays a sound.
The event runs an application.
The event sends an e-mail message.
The event opens an application and sends e-mail.

An image is overlaid on the action image of the alarm template you’ve specified to be the default template.

This alarm template is the default template and is used by default to create an alarm.