Since the Alarm++ file format is XML, you can do some interesting things with alarms. You can drag/drop an alarm (or a set of alarms) as if it were text. (Note that drag/drop is synonymous with cut/paste. So, rather than dragging and dropping, you can copy the alarm(s) and paste them anywhere that accepts text.)

When dragging, the default behavior is to copy the alarm(s). You'll see a plus sign (+) on the cursor while dragging. You can change that behavior so that the alarm(s) are moved (cut) by holding down the SHIFT key while dragging. (The plus sign (+) will disappear when you press SHIFT.)

Drag/Drop to Alarm++

The simplest thing you can do is run Alarm++ more than once and use drag/drop to move (or copy) alarms between the two alarm files. You need to drop the alarm on the Alarm++ main window. You can't drop it on the Alarm++ icon.

Drag/Drop to Desktop

You can drag/drop an alarm to the desktop (or anywhere in the Windows file system) to create a "scrap" Alarm++ file with just that alarm. This file can be dragged and dropped anywhere that accepts files. You can send it over an instant messaging file transfer system, post it to your Web site, whatever. Alarm++ cannot open it directly, although you can drag/drop (or copy/paste) it into Alarm++.

Drag/Drop to E-mail

If you create an alarm that you want to send to friends or co-workers, you can drag/drop an alarm directly to an e-mail. It will automatically be attached as a "scrap" Alarm++ file. The recipient can drag the attachment to their own Alarm++ to create the alarm.

Drag/Drop to Text

You can drag/drop an alarm to an application that accepts text, and the alarm will be entered in its XML format (the same text as would be in the Alarm++ file.) You can use this method when you don't want to e-mail an attachment or you want to send an alarm over instant messaging.

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