Alarm Speech Page

Use this page to specify the text you want the computer to read aloud. If the fields are disabled, your computer does not have Microsoft Speech installed or it's disabled. MS Speech comes with Windows Vista, XP, and later. Download the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 (or later) from the Microsoft Speech Web page.


If you want your computer to read some text aloud when the alarm goes off, enter it here. In addition to plain text, you can also use some special variables that represent properties of the particular event.

The arguments can also include information about the alarm whose event is going off:

%message% (all newlines are converted to spaces)
%eventdateformat% (formatted with your regional preferences)
%eventtimeformat% (formatted with your regional preferences)
%eventyear% (e.g., 2003)
%eventmonth% (1-12)
%eventdate% (1-31)
%eventweekday% (1-7)
%eventhour% (0-23)
%eventminute% (0-59)


You can change the voice your computer uses when speaking. The available voices depend on your installation of Microsoft Speech.


Use the slider to specify how loud you want your computer to read the text. The slider ranges from 0 on the left to 100 on the right. (Of course, if you specify 0 volume, you won't hear anything.)


Use the Speak button to hear what the speech will sound like.

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