Alarm Repeat Page

Use this page to set the day(s) on which you want the alarm to display events.


Use the calendar to specify the day, month, and year of the first of the alarm's events. If you select a date in the past or a date that does not match the criteria you selected (e.g., you specified every other Wednesday and a Monday is selected), the calendar control automatically selects the first valid date when you click the OK button.

The dates on which events occur are highlighted in bold.

Repeat every…

Use this field to indicate the interval between events. It can be minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years. Note that all criteria you specify in the calendar control must be met. In other words, if you select Tuesdays and Fridays in the calendar and specify that the alarm is to repeat every three months, it will only occur on days that are a Tuesday or a Friday.

Repeat interval

By default, a new alarm is set to repeat one time (i.e., to have only one event).

If you want the alarm not to go off, select Never.

If you want the alarm to go off only once, select Times and enter “1”.

If you want the alarm to go off multiple times, select Times and enter the number of events you want.

If you want the alarm to go off until a certain date, select Until and specify the date in the adjacent field.

If you want the alarm to go off forever, select Forever.

If the alarm is going to repeat, you should select how you want it to repeat (e.g., every Wednesday, every other month, etc.) See the Advanced page for how to select the criteria for these repeating events.

Event list

As you make changes to the calendar and repeat controls, the dates and times of the alarm's events are displayed in the list control at the bottom of the page. The list only displays as many events as it can in second, with ellipses (…) at the end.

Depending on the specified repeat interval, this may take some time, so Alarm++ displays an hourglass cursor when refreshing the list of events. (For example, if the alarm repeats every day and you are using the “Until” feature, Alarm++ may take a few seconds to determine the events.) Alarm++ also stops looking for events after the year 5,000 A.D. (I hope this doesn't present a problem for anyone.)

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