Alarm Templates

Alarm templates can be used to create new alarms. By using a template, you can set the default options for the different types of alarms that you create frequently. You might set a default repeat interval, a standard message, your favorite sound file, a special window appearance, or a common e-mail address. You might create templates for creating reminders for weekly meetings, anniversaries and birthdays, tracking FedEx packages, new favorite television shows, or e-mailing reminders to your pager.

Templates are displayed in the left pane of the Alarm++ main window; alarms are displayed in the right pane. Templates don't go off like regular alarms—they're only used to create other alarms—so they only display their names in the main window.

Note: There is a limit of 50 templates.

Create an alarm template

You can create an alarm template two ways: by using the New Template command on the tray icon or the New Template command in the Edit menu of the main window.

Create an alarm from a template

There are also a few ways to create an alarm based on a template you've already created.

The fastest way is to use the Alarm++ tray icon's context menu. Right-click on the tray icon, select the New Alarm Using command, and then select which template you want to create the new alarm from.

Note: When an alarm is created from a template or another alarm its time is set to that alarm's time. However, if it's the default template, its time is set to the next half hour.

Another way to create an alarm from a template is to open the main window and use the New Alarm Using command on the Edit menu.

Note: You can also right-click on an alarm (or template) in the main window and select the New Alarm Using command. This command creates a new alarm based on the selected alarm. (It doesn't even have to be a template.)

Select a default alarm template

When you create an alarm by double-clicking on the Alarm++ system tray icon or by using the New Alarm command, Alarm++ creates an alarm from the default template. The default template is also used if you click the New Alarm toolbar button or if you press F9 when the main window is displayed.

You can specify which template is the default template. Open the Alarm++ main window and select from the list the template you want to be the default. Now either select the Set Default Template command on the Edit menu (or right-click the template and select the Set Default Template command).

The yellow star () indicates the default template

If no default template is specified, Alarm++ uses its own default values for new alarms that aren't based on a template.

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