Welcome to Alarm++

Alarm++ remembers things for you or does them for you itself. In order to get the most out of Alarm++, please take a moment to skim through this introductory section. It’s broken up into sections so that you can read them whenever you have time or want to learn more about the capabilities of Alarm++. You might also want to scan the Tips page to get an idea of some of the more useful features of Alarm++.

Quick Start

System tray icon
Create a simple alarm
Event window
Edit an alarm via its event window
Edit an alarm via the main window

Learn how to start using Alarm++ right away

Repeating Events


Learn how to set up different kinds of repeating events

Event Reminders

Display a window
Play a sound
Speak some text

Learn more about event reminders

Event Actions

Run an application, batch file, or script; open a Web site; open a folder; etc.
Send e-mail

Learn more about what event actions can do

Alarm Templates

Create an alarm template
Create an alarm from a template
Select a default alarm template

Learn more about how to use alarm templates

Customize Alarm++

Start Alarm++
Command line parameters
Specify workdays and non-workdays

Learn more about customizing Alarm++

Examples and Samples

Read tips on how to use Alarm++

There are examples of alarms and templates in the Examples.alarm alarm file. You can find this file in the directory where Alarm++ is installed (probably "C:\Program Files\Alarm++\").

If you want to use an alarm from the example alarm file, you can copy it from the example file, open your alarm file, and then paste it into your file. You can then customize it for your needs.

On 12noon.com, you'll find examples of alarms and samples of scripts and batch files that you can customize for your own use.