Important: You must delete your Searches.sdf file. (The path is in the Settings window.) The schema has changed so that in future releases, Typecast can save your data instead of requiring a delete (like this time).

Released a new build of Typecast with improved performance of searches with thousands of matches.

Typecast, from now on, can save your search data when I change the database schema.

Typecast Released

Fixed these:

  • If the border color isn’t specified, it now matches the background color.
  • Fixed obscure bug where the text-bold setting could be cleared if a program matched more than one search.
  • Fixed even more obscure bug where one program might have its background color set to transparent.
  • The search window now sorts by the Start time, by default.

Typecast: Better performance

When Typecast needs to refresh all searches, it does as much as it can in the background. This means it starts up faster and is more responsive while it’s populating the list of results. There’s still work to do, but this is a start. Next, I’m going to work on adding features, probably e-mail first.

Fixed Crash When Copying Search

I just published a fix for a crash that occurred when copying a search that didn’t match any programs.

Sorry there hasn’t been an update in a while—lots of family stuff going on this summer. I’m also working on a significant performance update: performing the searches in the background. After this is implemented, a large number of searches will still take some time to complete, but you’ll still be able to use Typecast while they’re running in the background.

Typecast: Fixed Crash On Startup

Clearly I don’t run Typecast from scratch as much as I should. I fixed a crash on startup that occurred when the user had never run Typecast before. Obviously, this would affect anyone trying Typecast, so I apologize for that. It should be okay now.

I also fixed the reminder windows that were sometimes being displayed again if Typecast exited and started again before the reminder time passed.

Typecast Preview Released

I’ve released a new product: Typecast. Typecast is an electronic program guide (EPG) that displays the shows you’re searching for. Old-fashioned EPGs just show you a grid of programs and channels and expect you to scroll for days, until you find the show you want to watch. Nowadays, most cable and satellite subscribers have dozens—if not hundreds—of channels to choose from! By the time you find what you want to watch or record, it’s over.

Typecast lets you customize any number of searches and displays the results in an easy-to-read list. Typecast can search by program title, episode name, description, season and episode numbers, start time, new/repeat episodes, genres, actors and crew, original air date, TV and MPAA ratings, high-definition, closed-captioning, subtitles, and more. You can format search results with custom images, colors, etc. You can set actions to occur before each schedule that matches a specific search, including reminders, e-mail (not yet implemented), and opening an arbitrary application (not yet implemented).

To get the television listings, Typecast requires you to have a subscription to Schedules Direct—an excellent non-profit service that provides quality, legal television listings.

This is an alpha version, so there will almost certainly be some bugs and it’s not as polished as the final version will be. There are still some debugging commands (Import) and performance issues (searching). I improve it constantly though—because I use it myself.

Path To Clipboard 1.5.122 Released

I’ve finally, for sure this time, fixed the 64-bit installation issue. I confirmed that I tested 1.3.119 on a 64-bit machine, but perhaps there was an uninstall that didn’t remove all the necessary Registry entries, so I didn’t detect that the 1.3.119 installer didn’t create everything. I’m not sure. Anyway, I tested 1.5.122 on a clean Registry (64-bit) and it works. I apologize for any issues you’ve had.

Please let me know if there’s still an issue on your machine. If nothing else, I can give you a Registry file to import that will fix it.

Path To Clipboard Issue on 64-bit Windows

It seems there is still an issue with Path To Clipboard on 64-bit. I just built a new 64-bit dev machine and it’s not installing correctly (although it is on another 64-bit machine I have). I hope to release a new version this week that will (finally) fix this issue.

Until then, you can download this Registry file and import it to make it work. If you din’t install Path To Clipboard in the default location (C:\Program Files\12noon PathToClipboard), you’ll have to edit the CodeBase values.