Typecast 2.8.6 Released

This version should correct any future issues with automatic upgrades. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any issues upgrading to this version, please see the Change History or contact me via the Support page.

  1. Added button to clean all stations that aren’t downloaded from the database.
  2. Added “swatch” to Search window’s Display tab showing how it will look.
  3. Center images in color “swatches” in list of schedules.
  4. When moving configuration folder, added option to use the destination instead or cancel.
  5. Fix: Synchronize download state of stations that are in more than one lineup.
  6. Fix: Handle timeout when testing Internet connection.
  7. Fix: Another updater issue required downgrading another package.

Typecast 2.8.2 – 2.8.5 Released (Requires Manual Upgrade)

This is unfortunate, and I apologize for the inconvenience. I don’t (yet) have a way to test upgrades without publishing a release. Unfortunately, I upgraded the installer I use and it had a problem. This broke upgrades for Typecast. (I will make it a priority to devise a way for me to test the upgrades before I publish them.)

When you run Typecast, you’ll see a message about an error with SharpCompress. You can ignore this and continue to use Typecast, but it will never be able to upgrade. In order to upgrade, you can either download the full installer from 12noon.com or follow these steps:

    1. Open the Windows File Explorer.
    2. Go to the Typecast installation folder: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Typecast\.
    3. You should see at least two “app-2.8.x” folders. For example:
      • app-2.8.1
      • app-2.8.2
  1. Open the lowest-numbered one. (In this example, app-2.8.1.)
  2. Run the Typecast.exe in that folder. It should upgrade to 2.8.5 (or whatever the latest release is). (If this doesn’t work, download the full installer.)
  3. If it upgrades to 2.8.5, you need to download and unzip this file in the new app-2.8.5 folder. (Yes, confirm that you want to overwrite the files.) If it upgrades to a later version, it’s already been fixed and you don’t need to do anything.

If you have any issues, please contact me using the Support page at 12noon.com.

2.8.2 – 2.8.5

Added option to relocate the Typecast.xml configuration file.
Improved clarity of menu commands.
Fix: Prevent user saving a search with no criteria.
Fix: Update default parameters of plugins when selecting them in the Actions tab.

Typecast 2.8.2 Released

The latest update includes:

* Added option to relocate the Typecast.xml configuration file.
* Improved clarity of menu commands.
* Fix: Prevent user saving a search with no criteria.
* Fix: Update default parameters of plugins when selecting them in the Actions tab.

Typecast 2.6.0 Released

Typecast 2.6.0 has some new, useful features and, of course, bug fixes.

* Added “Include programs with no season/episode” to Search window’s Episodes tab.
* “Exclude episode S/E and earlier” is now enabled even if program has some non-episode airings (e.g., sneak peeks).
* Save and restore custom order and width of columns in main and search windows.
* Save and restore sort order and direction in main and search windows.
* Right-align start time, end time, and duration columns in main and search windows.
* Added tooltip to show each search’s constraints.
* Added counts of programs, schedules, etc. to Information window.
* Display movie rating as a progress bar.
* Tweaked default searches.
* Fix: Increased size of Settings window.
* Fix: Navigation buttons no longer disable when typing in search box.
* Fix: Corrected display of season/episode when there are only totals.
* Fix: Now search window refreshes when “Include movies without ratings” is changed.

Typecast 2.5.0 Released

This is a significant release with fixes, improvements, and new features.

* Added command to main context menu to exclude a show from all results.
* Added command to main context menu to exclude earlier episodes from results (by modifying the search).
* Implemented Sports only and Movies only options on Search window.
* Added another default search.
* Set focus to first control when Search window opens.
* Get stations’ logos in the background in the main and Stations windows.
* Search window now opens faster.
* Made the Stations window’s Clean button asynchronous.
* Improved colors in e-mail reminder.
* Prevent modification of searches while they’re being refreshed.
* Fix: Display stations in Search window even if they’re no longer downloaded.
* Fix: Display attributes could be incorrect if a search changed to have fewer results.
* Fix: Listings wouldn’t be automatically updated if the user canceled a Search window.
* Fix: Corrected how we override New/Repeat based on original-air-date.
* Fix: Sometimes listings would not be updated automatically.

Typecast 2.4.1 Released

This release includes some significant improvements. Artwork for shows (if available) is now displayed in the detail panel, reminder windows, and reminder e-mails. The lineup and search configurations have been combined and moved from the AppLocal folder to the user’s Documents folder. This way, you can more easily back them up with OneDrive, Google Drive, or simple copy/paste.

* Combined Lineups.xml and Searches.xml and moved it to user’s Documents\Typecast\Typecast.xml.
* Added artwork to the detail pane and e-mail message.
* Added artwork and station logo to the reminder window.
* Added default stylesheet for e-mail message to the Mail.config file.
* Update search results when user changes the maximum number of search results.
* Improved load time of station logos on main window.
* Reduced startup time of the Search window.
* Improved formatting of main window’s detail pane, search window, and tooltip.
* When setting search display image, Typecast now opens the directory of the current image (if any).
* Don’t update search results if there are no changes when updating the listings.
* Fix: Eliminated unnecessary search when opening Search window.
* Fix: Corrected search parameters of a default search.
* Fix: Null exception in Mail plugin.
* Fix: Mail plugin now uses default stylesheet, which is copied to the Mail.config file for reference.
* Fix: Corrected searches for sports programs that used episode title or description.
* Fix: Display of station for each schedule.

Typecast 2.3.8 Released

There’ve been quite a few changes since the 2.3.1 release. Please let me know if anything isn’t working as you expect it to or even if something is difficult to figure out. Even though there are plenty of search options, I’d like to make Typecast easy and even attractive to use. I’m open to all comments and suggestions!

  • Added a Settings window to set the # of days of old listings to keep and the maximum # of search results.
  • Added more information to the Information window.
  • Added station logos to the detail pane in the main window.
  • Improved default sort of schedules in the main window.
  • Fix: User settings are now carried over after future application upgrades.
  • Fix: Some schedules wouldn’t have the correct display attributes when they matched more than one search.
  • Fix: Changed how Typecast handles names due to an error in the listings provider’s documentation.
  • Note: Users will need to re-specify any cast/crew they used in their searches.

Typecast 2.3.1 Released

Typecast is out of beta! Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect or I’m done. There are plenty of features I’m going to add and things I want to improve. First, though, I plan to update the screenshots on the Web site. 🙂

    On resuming from sleep, wait for an Internet connection to be established before updating listings.
    Added filters to the cast/crew listboxes to make it easier to find people.
    Added button to toggle showing or hiding all searches.
    Moved “program title” field into the Criteria panel on Search window.
    Improved performance of displaying the search window.
    Improved layout of Search window. Combined Criteria and Display panels.
    Sort active plugins by lead time.
    Center reminder window on main window.
    Fix: Do not allow season or episode numbers to be zero.
    Fix: Do not change original search’s stations when copying search.
    Fix: The next upgrade will correctly display the release notes after Typecast upgrades itself.