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You can do more than just center or tile your wallpaper! Aligner can move it anywhere on the desktop. You even see a preview of what your desktop will look like. Aligner is a stand-alone application with an easy install and uninstall.

Download Free (Windows XP and 2000)

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Turn off Active Desktop

Windows XP: Right-click your desktop, choose Properties, go to the Desktop tab, click the Customize Desktop button, go to the Web tab and uncheck all of the web pages. You also need to ensure that Show Icons on Desktop is checked. (Display Properties > Arrange Icons By)


Aligner runs on Microsoft® Windows® XP (Home and Pro) and 2000.


3.0.1: Restored support for XP and 2000 coordinate system.
3.0.0: Updated for additional file types.
2.81: Fixed centering.
2.80: Fixed handling of (0,0).
2.73: Changed skst.com to 12noon.com.
2.72: Minor changes and fixes.

The background color of the frame now matches the desktop color.
The drawing no longer flickers.

Updated for Windows 2000 and XP.
Color bitmaps are now drawn more accurately in the preview window.

2.62: Aligner now redraws the bitmap while the user drags the “thumb” on the slider.
2.61: Fixed 0/1 and negative number problem with the spin buttons for the vertical wallpaper setting.

A stand-alone version of Wallpaper Aligner is now included, in addition to the integrated version.
Aligner prevents the x- and y-coordinates from being less than 0. (See above for the reason.)
Eliminated extra redraws when clicking on a slider control.
As described above, Windows cannot use wallpaper coordinates less than 1, so Aligner now limits the coordinates to a positive value greater than zero.

2.51: New version of class libraries.
2.50: Redesigned user interface to use slider controls instead of radio buttons and edit controls.
2.11: Recompiled with Visual C++ 5 and changed About box.

The page now graphically displays the position of the bitmap.
The page now correctly interprets a setting of ‘1’ as Left or Top. (A necessary kludge because Windows thinks “0” means “Center”.)
It is also more correctly responds to updates of the desktop wallpaper.
It now maintains settings when the user changes the desktop wallpaper.

Corrected an off-by-one error when aligning wallpaper with the right or
bottom of the display. (Hmm, didn’t we fix this last time?)

It now includes an automated installation script.
Aligns wallpaper on the right and on the bottom correctly. (It was off by one pixel.)

2.00: Now a Control Panel extension.
1.00: (Standalone version.)