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Timekeeper 1.62.3 Released

This new version supports only Windows 10. It’s been built with the latest development libraries and runtimes from Microsoft. (There is still a known issue with the transparent background.)

Alarm++ 9.1.1 Released

This release of Alarm++ fixes copy/paste of alarms.

This release is a patch release, so there’s no need to update your registration information.

Alarm++ 9.1.0 Released

This version has no new features. It’s rebuilt with the latest version of Visual Studio 2017. This version drops support for Windows 7, which has exited Microsoft’s mainstream support anyway. The older 9.0.2 version is still available for download though.

  • Fixed rare crash in list control
  • Improved guard for file corruption
  • Updated code to load and save file as XML
  • Updated installer

Note that this version increments the minor version number, so you will need to upgrade your registration information. It’s free, and you can use the Registration page to do it automatically and get your registration almost immediately. If your e-mail address has changed, you’ll have to use that page to update it, and it will take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on my schedule.

Alarm++ 9.0.2 Released

This version streamlines the application by removing some features that are either very rarely used, difficult to maintain, or just plain out-of-date: automation support, theme styles, tips, German translation, update check, context-sensitive help.

The documentation is now only on the Web site.

This version also fixes crash that occurred when the user selected a non-workday as the start day of a workday-only alarm.

Please note that current users will need to upgrade their registration information. If your e-mail address hasn’t changed, you can use the automated form. Otherwise, you can use the manual form to update your e-mail address and I’ll follow up as soon as possible.

Display Changer II 1.5.3 Released

This version corrects a crash that can occur when creating a configuration file while interacting with the Control Panel’s Display Settings.

Timekeeper 1.62.1 Released

This release drops support for Windows Vista and updates the installer.

Display Changer II 1.5.2 Released

Fixed potential crash when using the -debug switch and there’s an invalid display mode.

Name Twister 2.0.7 Released

Name Twister 2.0.7 uses .NET Framework 4.6. No more prompts from Windows 10 to install .NET 3.5!

Display Changer II 1.5.1 Released

Display Changer II 1.5.1 adds more detail to an error message. If you’re using the original Display Changer on Windows 7 or later, you might want to take a look at Display Changer II to see if it has features that you need.

Alarm++ 8.0.13 Released

I’ve published Alarm++ 8.0.13. There is now a 64-bit edition as well as a 32-bit edition.