Display Changer X Now Available

Display Changer X has been published to the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and 11. Display Changer X supersedes the Display Changer and Display Changer II applications.

Display Changer X creates a configuration file from your existing settings. The user then double-clicks a configuration file and Display Changer X configures your display(s) to match that pre-defined setup (single monitor, extended monitors, and cloned/duplicated monitors). Display Changer X changes your monitors’ width, height, color depth, refresh rate (v-sync), rotation, and scaling. Display Changer X can also modify the positions of your monitors in a multiple-monitor setup.

Display Changer X includes advanced options for more experienced users. You can tick a check box and Display Changer X will prompt you to specify an application (or document) to open after applying the configuration. Optionally, you can specify another configuration for Display Changer X to apply after that application exits. For example, you can use a configuration file to configure your monitors with a specific resolution and refresh rate, open a video-editing application, and then restore the original configuration when you exit the video editor.

Display Changer X is great for enterprise IT administrators who need to configure machines in corporate or educational organizations, gamers, home-theater users, and anyone who needs to easily change their computer’s display setup. Unlike Display Changer and Display Changer II, the configuration files created by Display Changer X on one machine can be copied to other machines with the same model of monitors.

You can find more details on the Microsoft Store. When you purchase a license through the Microsoft Store, you can install Display Changer X on up to ten computers, and you will receive free updates.

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AlarmX Released

AlarmX is now available in the Microsoft Store. AlarmX is the next generation of Alarm++ and provides a more modern user experience. AlarmX also adds support for Windows notifications. AlarmX can open your Alarm++ file (.alarm) and save it as an AlarmX file (.alarmx).


AlarmX is on sale for 50% off until January 14. This includes ten licenses, automatic free upgrades, and unlimited support.

Typecast 3.8.3 Released

This release adds a couple of features, some improvements, and bug fixes.

  • Added -exit switch to Typecast.exe so it will update listings, process any actions, and then exit the application.
  • Improved artwork updates to perform “fuzzy” matches so more artwork is found now.
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts for changing the display date.
  • Improved speed of displaying results (even more).
  • Fixed notification of expiration of your Schedules Direct subscription.
  • Fixed duplicate description where there is no episode-specific description.
  • Fixed crash if no Internet at startup.
  • [WMC] Fixed exception when Typecast WMC is unable to watch the TypecastWMC folder.

Typecast 3.7.1 Released

The Typecast WMC server wasn’t working on 64-bit Windows. This update fixes that with a separate Typecast WMC server download for Windows 8.1. If you use WMC on Windows 8.1, you can now install Typecast WMC server and use Typecast with it.

  • Fixed searching by original-air-date.
  • Fixed display of next-update-listings date in Information window when Typecast is run for the first time.
  • Fixed hiding window (and saving state) when Windows restarts.
  • [WMC] Now runs on 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 and 8.1.
  • [WMC] Ignore duplicate scheduling requests.
  • [WMC] Added DVR status to the reminder window.
  • [WMC] Reduced the verbosity of output.