AlarmX Released

AlarmX is now available in the Microsoft Store. AlarmX is the next generation of Alarm++ and provides a more modern user experience. AlarmX also adds support for Windows notifications. AlarmX can open your Alarm++ file (.alarm) and save it as an AlarmX file (.alarmx).

AlarmX is on sale for 50% off until January 14. This includes ten licenses, automatic free upgrades, and unlimited support.

Typecast 3.8.3 Released

This release adds a couple of features, some improvements, and bug fixes.

  • Added -exit switch to Typecast.exe so it will update listings, process any actions, and then exit the application.
  • Improved artwork updates to perform “fuzzy” matches so more artwork is found now.
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts for changing the display date.
  • Improved speed of displaying results (even more).
  • Fixed notification of expiration of your Schedules Direct subscription.
  • Fixed duplicate description where there is no episode-specific description.
  • Fixed crash if no Internet at startup.
  • [WMC] Fixed exception when Typecast WMC is unable to watch the TypecastWMC folder.

Typecast 3.7.1 Released

The Typecast WMC server wasn’t working on 64-bit Windows. This update fixes that with a separate Typecast WMC server download for Windows 8.1. If you use WMC on Windows 8.1, you can now install Typecast WMC server and use Typecast with it.

  • Fixed searching by original-air-date.
  • Fixed display of next-update-listings date in Information window when Typecast is run for the first time.
  • Fixed hiding window (and saving state) when Windows restarts.
  • [WMC] Now runs on 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 and 8.1.
  • [WMC] Ignore duplicate scheduling requests.
  • [WMC] Added DVR status to the reminder window.
  • [WMC] Reduced the verbosity of output.

Typecast 3.7.0 Released

This update includes some minor improvements to Typecast and the Typecast WMC server component. If you use the WMC server, be sure to update both the application and server for compatibility reasons.

  • Correctly update number of results after search name.
  • Fixed justification of title in reminder window.
  • Check existing artwork for programs before querying Schedules Direct or TMDb.
  • Query TMDb for artwork updates.
  • [WMC] Move TypecastWMC_Responses_Offline.xml file into TypecastWMC_Recordings_Offline.xml.
  • [WMC] Fixed horizontal scroll bar.
  • [WMC] Fixed saving offline file.