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Note: There won’t be an update for a while since I’m adding the ability to tell any Windows Media Center on your network to record a program, series, or episode. This is a significant feature, requiring a Typecast plugin and a server component running on your WMC(s). (Of course, if there’s a critical bug, I’ll stop what I’m doing to fix it.)

2.8.12 (26 Nov 2018)

Fix: Occasional crash when there’s a bad Internet connection during update.

2.8.11 (23 Nov 2018)

Fix: Occasional crash when a program finished airing.

2.8.10 (15 Nov 2018)
  • Added ability to re-include excluded programs for all results in Settings window.
  • Added ability to re-include excluded programs and episodes for individual searches in the Excluded tab.
  • Display exclamation mark on Information toolbar image if Schedules Direct subscription is expiring soon.
2.8.7 (11 Nov 2018)
  • If sending an e-mail fails, Typecast waits a few seconds and automatically retries before notifying the user. (This can avoid error messages when the computer is just taking a while to re-establish its Internet connection.)
  • Increased the height of display colors (background and border) without an image to the full height of the row.
  • Fix: Perform a one-time cleaning of database to remove schedules belonging to stations that are no longer in current lineups.
  • Fix: When deleting a lineup, delete its stations from the database (unless the stations are still in another lineup).
  • Fix: Do not copy movie properties to clipboard if they’re not set.
2.8.6 (4 Nov 2018)

This version should finally correct the issues with automatic upgrades. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any issues upgrading to this version, please contact me via the Support page.

  • Added button to clean all stations that aren’t downloaded from the database.
  • Added “swatch” to Search window’s Display tab showing how it will look.
  • Center images in color “swatches” in list of schedules.
  • When moving configuration folder, added option to use the destination instead or cancel.
  • Fix: Synchronize download state of stations that are in more than one lineup.
  • Fix: Handle timeout when testing Internet connection.
  • Fix: Another updater issue required downgrading another package.
2.8.3 – 2.8.5 (29 Oct 2018)

Issue: Upgrading the installer broke upgrades. You’ll see a message about an error with SharpCompress. You can either download the full installer or follow these steps to upgrade:

  1. Open the Windows File Explorer.
  2. Go to the Typecast installation folder: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Typecast\.
  3. You should see at least two “app-2.8.x” folders. For example:
    • app-2.8.1
    • app-2.8.2
  4. Open the lowest-numbered one. (In this example, app-2.8.1.)
  5. Run the Typecast.exe in that folder. It should upgrade to 2.8.5 (or whatever the latest release is). (If this doesn’t work, download the full installer.)
  6. If it upgrades to 2.8.5, you need to download and unzip this file in the app-2.8.5 folder. (Yes, confirm that you want to overwrite the files.) If it upgrades to a later version, it’s already been fixed and you don’t need to do anything.
  7. Next, in the same app-2.8.5 folder, edit the Typecast.exe.config file in Notepad. Delete the entry for name="SharpCompress". (It’s near the bottom of the file.) Save the file and exit Notepad.
  8. This is the entry to delete:
       <assemblyIdentity name="SharpCompress" publicKeyToken="..." culture="neutral" />
       <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" />

Updates should now work again. I apologize for the inconvenience. I have put procedures in place to test upgrades before they go public, so this should never happen again.

Fix: Downgraded SharpCompress package to 0.17.1 because 0.22.0 broke the installer.
Fix: Downgraded to Extended WPF Toolkit 3.3.0 (because 3.4.0 broke CheckListBox).

2.8.2 (28 Oct 2018)

Issue: If a search has a selected keyword (genre, station, etc.), editing that search crashes. Fixed in 2.8.3.

  • Added option to relocate the Typecast.xml configuration file.
  • Improved clarity of menu commands.
  • Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.7.2.
  • Fix: Prevent user saving a search with no criteria.
  • Fix: Update default parameters of plugins when selecting them in the Actions tab.
2.8.1 (19 Oct 2018)
  • Added command to exclude a particular program’s episode from a search.
  • Fix: Correctly copy excluded programs when copying a search.
2.8.0 (13 Oct 2018)
  • Added commands to edit associated searches to the context menu.
  • Added default e-mail address to Mail plugin’s Mail.config file.
  • Added “Send e-mail for this program” command to context menu.
  • Added ability for plugins to display context-menu commands.
  • Fix: Load settings from saved Mail.config file.
2.7.1 (10 Oct 2018)
  • Fix: Load settings from Mail.config file after restoring it after an update.
2.7.0 (10 Oct 2018)
  • Added command to the context menu to exclude a program from the program’s displayed search(es).
2.6.1 (9 Oct 2018)
  • Fix: The new “include programs without season/episode.
  • Fix: The check box for displaying a search now always displays the correct value.
  • Fix: The Mail plugin will now encrypt new mail credentials in Mail.config even if encrypted ones already exist.
  • Fix: The next update should be able to save and restore the Mail.config file for the Mail plugin.
2.6.0 (5 Oct 2018)
  • Added “Include programs with no season/episode” to Search window’s Episodes tab.
  • “Exclude episode S/E and earlier” is now enabled even if program has some non-episode airings (e.g., sneak peeks).
  • Save and restore custom order and width of columns in main and search windows.
  • Save and restore sort order and direction in main and search windows.
  • Right-align start time, end time, and duration columns in main and search windows.
  • Added tooltip to show each search’s constraints.
  • Added counts of programs, schedules, etc. to Information window.
  • Display movie rating as a progress bar.
  • Tweaked default searches.
  • Fix: Increased size of Settings window.
  • Fix: Navigation buttons no longer disable when typing in search box.
  • Fix: Corrected display of season/episode when there are only totals.
  • Fix: Now search window refreshes when “Include movies without ratings” is changed.
2.5.2 (26 Sep 2018)

Fix: The next update will display release notes correctly again.

2.5.1 (26 Sep 2018)

Known issue: After the upgrade, Typecast warns about a TextBox error and does not display the release notes.

Fix: Display the selected date correctly in the date-picker on startup.

2.5.0 (25 Sep 2018)

Added command to main context menu to exclude a show from all results.
Added command to main context menu to exclude earlier episodes from results (by modifying the search).
Implemented “Sports only” and “Movies only” options on Search window.
Added another default search.
Set focus to first control when Search window opens.
Get stations’ logos in the background in the main and Stations windows.
Search window now opens faster.
Made the Stations window’s Clean button asynchronous.
Improved colors in e-mail reminder.
Prevent modification of searches while they’re being refreshed.
Fix: Display stations in Search window even if they’re no longer downloaded.
Fix: Display attributes could be incorrect if a search changed to have fewer results.
Fix: Listings wouldn’t be automatically updated if the user canceled a Search window.
Fix: Corrected how we override New/Repeat based on original-air-date.
Fix: Sometimes listings would not be updated automatically.

2.4.2 (9 Sep 2018)

Tweaked the artwork filter to prefer larger images.
Tweaked format of mail reminder’s subject.
Tweaked layout of Search and Information windows.
The lineup postal-code is now saved in the configuration file to initialize the Lineups window.
Fix: Improved handling of Schedules Direct errors, including requesting a new token.
Fix: Correctly save last-modified timestamp for lineups.
Fix: Allow release notes to scroll.
Fix: Sort high-definition before standard-definition.

2.4.1 (7 Sep 2018)

Fix: Corrected search parameters of a default search.
Fix: Create path for saving configuration file.

2.4.0 (7 Sep 2018)

Combined Lineups.xml and Searches.xml and moved it to user’s Documents\Typecast\Typecast.xml.
Added artwork to the detail pane and e-mail message.
Added artwork and station logo to the reminder window.
Added default stylesheet for e-mail message to the Mail.config file.
Update search results when user changes the maximum number of search results.
Improved load time of station logos on main window.
Reduced startup time of the Search window.
Improved formatting of main window’s detail pane, search window, and tooltip.
When setting search display image, Typecast now opens the directory of the current image (if any).
Don’t update search results if there are no changes when updating the listings.
Fix: Eliminated unnecessary search when opening Search window.
Fix: Null exception in Mail plugin.
Fix: Mail plugin now uses default stylesheet, which is copied to the Mail.config file for reference.
Fix: Corrected searches for sports programs that used episode title or description.
Fix: Display of station for each schedule.

2.3.11 (28 Aug 2018)

Fix: Release notes are displayed correctly now. Hopefully. 🙂

2.3.10 (28 Aug 2018)

Using the Stations window to “Clean” a station from the database now removes schedules on that station from the display.
Added station logos to Stations window.
Fix: Crash when modifying search criteria. (Regression)

2.3.9 (27 Aug 2018)

Changed toolbar text to make more room.
Improved format of release notes.
Increased wait for Internet connection to account for slow Wi-Fi.
Fix: Typecast now will update again when it runs for more than 24 hours.
Fix: Typecast now correctly handles all Schedules Direct errors.
Fix: Corrected the “next update” time in the Information window.
Fix: Corrected the time of the next update when there was an HTTP exception.

2.3.8 (26 Aug 2018)

Added a Settings window to set the # of days of old listings to keep and the maximum # of search results.
Added more information to the Information window.

2.3.7 (25 Aug 2018)

Added station logos to the detail pane in the main window.
Improved default sort of schedules in the main window.
Fix: User settings are now carried over after future application upgrades.
Fix: Some schedules wouldn’t have the correct display attributes when they matched more than one search.
Fix: Changed how Typecast handles names due to an error in the listings provider’s documentation.
Note: Users will need to re-specify any cast/crew they used in their searches.

2.3.1 (21 Aug 2018)

This version fixes the display of release notes after Typecast upgrades itself. However, since the version that’s doing the upgrade (2.3.0 or earlier) still has the bug, Typecast will close instead of displaying the release notes for 2.3.1. When you open Typecast again, it’ll be fine though, and subsequent upgrades will correctly display their release notes.

2.3.0 (21 Aug 2018)

On resuming from sleep, wait for an Internet connection to be established before updating listings.
Added filters to the cast/crew listboxes to make it easier to find people.
Added button to toggle showing or hiding all searches.
Moved “program title” field into the Criteria panel on Search window.
Improved performance of displaying the search window.
Improved layout of Search window. Combined Criteria and Display panels.
Sort active plugins by lead time.
Center reminder window on main window.
Moved Typecast out of beta.
Fix: Do not allow season or episode numbers to be zero.
Fix: Do not change original search’s stations when copying search.

2.2.30 Beta (15 Aug 2018)

Improved how New and High-Definition are interpreted.
Changed/Improved/Fixed how Typecast searches for Repeat (not New) and Standard-Definition (not High-Definition).
Display closed-captioned status and allow searching on it.
Notify user if the database is being upgraded. (It can take 30 seconds, depending on the machine.)
Added context menu to schedules to copy a schedule to the clipboard.
Sort results so that an HD schedule comes after its “sister” SD one.
Scroll selected schedule into view when adding more search results.
Hide UI elements until a schedule is selected.
Display a standby window while Typecast is upgrading the database.
Added window to display release notes when the app is updated.
Improved performance while adding search results to the display.
Fix: Exception when resuming from standby and attempting an update.
Fix: Searches remained partially transparent (“dim”) even after completing search.
Fix: Actions weren’t being done on the last few search results to be displayed.
Fix: Not all channels of a station in multiple lineups were being displayed.
Fix: Select the same search after it’s been edited.
Fix: Columns in the Search window have different names and widths than the ones in the main display.

2.1.23 Beta

Improved how New and High-Definition are interpreted.
Changed/1.roved/Fixed how Typecast searches for Repeat (not New) and Standard-Definition (not High-Definition).
Display closed-captioned status and allow searching on it.
Notify user if the database is being upgraded. (It can take 30 seconds, depending on the machine.)
Added context menu to schedules to copy a schedule to the clipboard.
Scroll selected schedule into view when adding more search results.
Hide UI elements until a schedule is selected.
Display a standby window while Typecast is upgrading the database.
Added window to display release notes when the app is updated.
Fix: Actions weren’t being done on the last few search results to be displayed.
Fix: Display all the channels from multiple lineups for a station (instead of just a single lineup) .
Fix: Select the same search after it’s been edited.
Fix: Columns in the Search window have the same names and widths as the ones in the main display.

2.1.22 Beta (30 Jul 2018)

Search on advisories and NOT advisories.
Save and search on all content ratings for the lineup’s country. (For example, in the United States, a movie might have PG-13 and TV14.)
Added infrastructure to allow updating database schema.
Really improved the performance of common searches, and–I think–searching in general, especially startup.
Limited the number of results per search to 1,000 (configurable) because nobody wants to wait for 10,000 schedules to display. Even 1,000 might be too many.
Updated the default searches. (You’ll only see them if you delete all your searches and restart Typecast.)

2.0.21 Beta (19 Jul 2018)

I’ve upgraded the release from Alpha to Beta. Typecast is very solid, and I don’t think I’ll need to modify the database schema. (But who knows, so it is classified as Beta.)

I’d appreciate any feedback you have: suggestions, bug reports, criticisms, even compliments. 🙂

Fixed display attributes of schedules in the past matching more than one search.
Search for content ratings (and allow search for programs with no rating).
Allow searching for movies without a movie rating.
Improved performance of updating results when changing years in Search window.
Display content rating as text instead of an image.
Added more error-checking for Internet connectivity issues.
Improved performance when there is no Internet connectivity.

2.0.20 Alpha (10 Jul 2018)

Display content ratings for all countries as text instead of an image.

2.0.19 Alpha (10 Jul 2018)

Use country code to select content ratings.
Fixed F5 shortcut for updating listings.
Fixed time formatting for Actions tab.
Filter results only by Title and Episode Title.

2.0.18 Alpha (5 Jul 2018)

Moved search buttons to their own toolbar.
Added sorting to Stations window.
Fixed bug in display attributes introduced in 2.0.14.

2.0.17 Alpha (4 Jul 2018)

Added season and episode search constraints.
Fixed saving description in the episode description.
Fixed updating of the “already aired” and “airing now” schedules.
Clicking a column header now sorts by that column (toggling between ascending and descending).

2.0.16 Alpha (28 Jun 2018)

Added “Filter” box to list of found schedules.
Renamed “Search” to “Filter” on Stations window.
Display messages about listings updates in Information window.
Display messages about adding and deleting stations in Information window.

2.0.15 Alpha (27 Jun 2018)

Added Reminder and Mail actions.

2.0.14 Alpha (26 Jun 2018)

Dim searches in list while they’re being updated.

2.0.13 Alpha (25 Jun 2018)

Fixed password hash algorithm.
Added more details to the Information window.

2.0.12 Alpha (25 Jun 2018)

Changed password field to show password to make it easier to enter.
User can set (in Typecast.exe.config) the number of search results where the count is displayed in red.
When updating search results, only select an item if one isn’t already selected.
Display progress ring when editing search and getting results.
Display progress ring when retrieving lineups.
Added information window to show log information since last update.
Added some debugging information for Schedules Direct credentials.

2.0.11 Alpha

Improved layout of listings window.
Fixed displaying results when editing a search.
Hide Cast and Crew when empty.
Save size of detail pane, window position, and window state.
Changed icon for new-search button.
Allow exiting while getting search results.
Fixed updating range of schedule times.
Fixed “Season” label in Season/Episode display.
Prevent an update while getting search results at startup.

Display count of results next to search name.
Renamed “Plugins” tab to “Actions.”
Migrate current settings (e.g., credentials) to new version.
Added Clean button to Stations window to remove schedules from database.
Added Select All/None buttons to Stations window.

2.0 — 12 Jun 2018

Alpha release.