Typecast Preview Released

I’ve released a new product: Typecast. Typecast is an electronic program guide (EPG) that displays the shows you’re searching for. Old-fashioned EPGs just show you a grid of programs and channels and expect you to scroll for days, until you find the show you want to watch. Nowadays, most cable and satellite subscribers have dozens—if not hundreds—of channels to choose from! By the time you find what you want to watch or record, it’s over.

Typecast lets you customize any number of searches and displays the results in an easy-to-read list. Typecast can search by program title, episode name, description, season and episode numbers, start time, new/repeat episodes, genres, actors and crew, original air date, TV and MPAA ratings, high-definition, closed-captioning, subtitles, and more. You can format search results with custom images, colors, etc. You can set actions to occur before each schedule that matches a specific search, including reminders, e-mail (not yet implemented), and opening an arbitrary application (not yet implemented).

To get the television listings, Typecast requires you to have a subscription to Schedules Direct—an excellent non-profit service that provides quality, legal television listings.

This is an alpha version, so there will almost certainly be some bugs and it’s not as polished as the final version will be. There are still some debugging commands (Import) and performance issues (searching). I improve it constantly though—because I use it myself.

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