Typecast 3.3.1 Released

This latest release adds a few improvements and fixes, including notification icons and offline synchronization with WMC channels.

  • Improved performance when excluding a program from searches.
  • Improved performance when updating all searches.
  • Capped the number of threads to use when getting results (to reduce database contention).
  • Right-aligned the WMC icons in the search results. (Thanks, Derek!)
  • New: Cache DVR stations so they can be used even when DVR isn’t running.
  • New: Save stations from Windows Media Center so synchronizing them in the Stations window no longer requires WMC to be running.
  • New: Closing main window leaves Typecast in the notification area. (Exit with icon’s context menu.)
  • New: Typecast WMC server has a notification area icon that can hide the console window.
  • Fix: Prevented rare crash if user issues right-click commands VERY quickly.
  • Fix: Improved colors on Stations window for red/green color-blindness. (Thanks, Derek!)

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