Typecast 3.2.0 Released

There are some helpful things in this minor upgrade. Typecast will now use more CPU cores if it can. This can give a small performance boost when it’s updating every search (at startup and after an update).

I’ve added a button to the Stations window that will get the stations from your Windows Media Center and set Typecast’s to match. This works best when WMC is using Schedules Direct’s listings as well, but if the callsigns match, it should work for any listings provider. It only does it one time, and it will highlight which channels have been added or removed, so you can decide if you want those changes. The Stations window no longer saves the changes until you press the Save button, so you don’t have to worry about those changes being committed unless you want them.

Be sure to upgrade the Typecast WMC server because it needs to respond to Typecast’s request for stations.

Stations synchronized from Windows Media Center

I found the Typecast configuration file was being locked by OneDrive, so Typecast wasn’t able to save it. Now, Typecast waits a few seconds and retries. (If that’s insufficient, I’ll do something more intensive, like waiting for it to be unlocked, but hopefully that won’t be necessary.) Please let me know if you see this happen. (And, if you do, edit a search and save it–this will force Typecast to try saving the configuration file again.)

  • Dynamically increases the number of cores used to search.
  • Improved matching programs on DVR with Typecast listings.
  • Stations window requires user to press the Save button instead of saving changes automatically.
  • New: Ability to synchronize stations with WMC in Stations window.
  • New: Added icon to Edit Search command and modified toolbar icon.
  • Fix: Retry saving configuration file if it’s locked. (This time for sure!)
  • Fix: Matching programs between Typecast and WMC in case of mismatched listings.
  • Fix: Aligned “badges” (premiere, HD, new, CC) in detail pane.

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