Typecast 3.0.2 Released

Typecast now offers commands to tell your Windows Media Center to record a single program or a series. It may not be perfect (yet), but after two months of work, it’s good to let people start using it and to get some feedback.

I’ve added a tab to the Settings window for configuring the e-mail settings. You don’t need to deal with the raw configuration file. Typecast is now also better at maintaining settings across updates. (This update might lose some, but after this, it should remember them.)

Release Notes

  • Warn user if WMC’s Use Guide option isn’t set as needed to schedule recordings.
  • When recording a series, record only new episodes (not reruns).
  • Programs that were recorded with an error now show all airings of that program (or episode) as an error.
  • Added a Settings tab for the Mail plugin (instead of editing Mail.config directly).
  • Automatically maintain mail settings after an update. (Eliminated Mail.config file.)
  • Fix: Excluding a series didn’t also exclude when that program has an episode without season/episode info.
  • Fix: Mail plugin overwrote e-mail addresses with the default e-mail address.
  • Fix: Cast and crew had some corrupted ordinals and didn’t allow more than 99.
  • Fix: Continue to show recordings of a program after actual airing is no longer in listings.
  • Fix: Handle WMC exception that could prevent returning recording information.
  • Fix: Occasional crash when bad Internet connection during update.
  • Fix: Keep Mail and WMC server options after an upgrade.
  • Fix: Ignore lineups that return an error code in the Lineups window.

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