Typecast 2.6.0 Released

Typecast 2.6.0 has some new, useful features and, of course, bug fixes.

* Added “Include programs with no season/episode” to Search window’s Episodes tab.
* “Exclude episode S/E and earlier” is now enabled even if program has some non-episode airings (e.g., sneak peeks).
* Save and restore custom order and width of columns in main and search windows.
* Save and restore sort order and direction in main and search windows.
* Right-align start time, end time, and duration columns in main and search windows.
* Added tooltip to show each search’s constraints.
* Added counts of programs, schedules, etc. to Information window.
* Display movie rating as a progress bar.
* Tweaked default searches.
* Fix: Increased size of Settings window.
* Fix: Navigation buttons no longer disable when typing in search box.
* Fix: Corrected display of season/episode when there are only totals.
* Fix: Now search window refreshes when “Include movies without ratings” is changed.

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