Typecast 2.5.0 Released

This is a significant release with fixes, improvements, and new features.

* Added command to main context menu to exclude a show from all results.
* Added command to main context menu to exclude earlier episodes from results (by modifying the search).
* Implemented Sports only and Movies only options on Search window.
* Added another default search.
* Set focus to first control when Search window opens.
* Get stations’ logos in the background in the main and Stations windows.
* Search window now opens faster.
* Made the Stations window’s Clean button asynchronous.
* Improved colors in e-mail reminder.
* Prevent modification of searches while they’re being refreshed.
* Fix: Display stations in Search window even if they’re no longer downloaded.
* Fix: Display attributes could be incorrect if a search changed to have fewer results.
* Fix: Listings wouldn’t be automatically updated if the user canceled a Search window.
* Fix: Corrected how we override New/Repeat based on original-air-date.
* Fix: Sometimes listings would not be updated automatically.

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