Typecast 2.4.1 Released

This release includes some significant improvements. Artwork for shows (if available) is now displayed in the detail panel, reminder windows, and reminder e-mails. The lineup and search configurations have been combined and moved from the AppLocal folder to the user’s Documents folder. This way, you can more easily back them up with OneDrive, Google Drive, or simple copy/paste.

* Combined Lineups.xml and Searches.xml and moved it to user’s Documents\Typecast\Typecast.xml.
* Added artwork to the detail pane and e-mail message.
* Added artwork and station logo to the reminder window.
* Added default stylesheet for e-mail message to the Mail.config file.
* Update search results when user changes the maximum number of search results.
* Improved load time of station logos on main window.
* Reduced startup time of the Search window.
* Improved formatting of main window’s detail pane, search window, and tooltip.
* When setting search display image, Typecast now opens the directory of the current image (if any).
* Don’t update search results if there are no changes when updating the listings.
* Fix: Eliminated unnecessary search when opening Search window.
* Fix: Corrected search parameters of a default search.
* Fix: Null exception in Mail plugin.
* Fix: Mail plugin now uses default stylesheet, which is copied to the Mail.config file for reference.
* Fix: Corrected searches for sports programs that used episode title or description.
* Fix: Display of station for each schedule.

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