Typecast 2.3.1 Released

Typecast is out of beta! Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect or I’m done. There are plenty of features I’m going to add and things I want to improve. First, though, I plan to update the screenshots on the Web site. 🙂

    On resuming from sleep, wait for an Internet connection to be established before updating listings.
    Added filters to the cast/crew listboxes to make it easier to find people.
    Added button to toggle showing or hiding all searches.
    Moved “program title” field into the Criteria panel on Search window.
    Improved performance of displaying the search window.
    Improved layout of Search window. Combined Criteria and Display panels.
    Sort active plugins by lead time.
    Center reminder window on main window.
    Fix: Do not allow season or episode numbers to be zero.
    Fix: Do not change original search’s stations when copying search.
    Fix: The next upgrade will correctly display the release notes after Typecast upgrades itself.

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