Typecast 2.1.22 Beta Released

I’ve made a number of additions and improvements in this version. You can now search on advisories and exclude specific advisories. You can now search on all content ratings for the lineup’s country. (Previously, Typecast saved only one, and it was for the U.S.) Typecast can now update the database if I change something structural (instead of deleting it and downloading all listings from scratch).

I think you’ll notice immediately that I’ve really improved the performance of common searches, and–-I think–-searching in general, especially at startup and after doing an update.

In order to avoid Typecast from freezing while it tries to display 200,000 schedules when someone accidentally searches for everything before 2015, I’ve limited the number of results per search to 1,000. Nobody wants to wait for 10,000 schedules to display, and nobody’s going to scroll through that many anyway. Even 1,000 might be too many. This limit is configurable (but only in the .config file, at the moment).

Enjoy! Feel free to send me an e-mail if you find an issue or have a request.

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