Typecast 2.0 Alpha Released

Typecast is a new application designed to surface the television programs that you want to watch. Conventional TV listings applications display a huge grid of programs and forces you to scroll through it, searching for something you might be interested in. Typecast allows you to create custom searches that find what you want and only what you want without displaying a lot of garbage.

In order to get television listings for your area, you need to subscribe to Schedules Direct. Schedules Direct has a rich history of providing quality television listings for personal use. They offer a free one-week trial, so you can try out Schedules Direct and Typecast to see if they’re useful for you. They also offer a low-cost two-month subscription if you want to try it out for a bit longer before getting a full one-year subscription.

This is only an alpha release of Typecast, so it’s in the early stages of development. There might be crashes or hangs, but since I use it myself, it’s in active development, and I’m improving it frequently. It’s also possible that it might lose data such as lineup information or the searches you’ve configured. However, since I’m using it, I do my best to make sure none of that happens.

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