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Display Changer II 1.0.4 Released

This version fixes the issue with adding a monitor to a configuration.

Display Changer II 1.0.3 Issue Adding Monitor

It seems that the latest version of DC II has some problems adding a monitor to a configuration. I’m looking into it. Sometimes, using the -extend or -secondary switch will make it work. I’ll post a fix as soon as I can.

Display Changer II 1.0.3

This update fixes an issue with cloning and extending your display configuration. I’ve also added support for selecting only the PC screen or only the secondary screen (like switching between your laptop and the projector or PC and TV).

Display Changer II Coming

Display Changer II uses the new APIs in Windows 7 (and later) to configure displays. It includes support for cloning displays and uses configuration files instead of switches for resolution settings. The alpha release will be published this week.

Display Changer 4.3.2 Released

Display Changer 4.3.2 has been released. I don’t know how this went unnoticed for so long, but the -top and -bottom switches should actually have been documented as -above and -below. I’ve corrected the documentation and updated DC so that all four of those switches work.