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Display Changer II 1.6.0 Released

This version works around a Microsoft bug that returns an incorrect monitor ID. If you receive the “Unable to find path” error with previous versions, this might fix that for you.

Display Changer II 1.5.3 Released

This version corrects a crash that can occur when creating a configuration file while interacting with the Control Panel’s Display Settings.

Display Changer II 1.5.2 Released

Fixed potential crash when using the -debug switch and there’s an invalid display mode.

Display Changer II 1.5.1 Released

Display Changer II 1.5.1 adds more detail to an error message. If you’re using the original Display Changer on Windows 7 or later, you might want to take a look at Display Changer II to see if it has features that you need.

Display Changer II 1.5.0 Released

This version fixes the following switches: -clone, -extend, -primary, and -secondary.

Display Changer II 1.4.1 Released

This version fixes a defect I introduced when I added the -fullscreen switch. It prevented Display Changer II from running an application you passed on the command line if you didn’t also include the -fullscreen switch. I apologize for the oversight.

Display Changer II 1.3.3 Released

This version adds two new switches that can be used to modify the -configure switch: -force and -no-optimize. These can be useful in situations where the video driver needs to be explicitly reset or you don’t want Windows to try and optimize the configuration process. There is also some additional error-checking when reading and writing . . .

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Display Changer II 1.2.1 Released

This update fixes an issue with multiple video cards. . . .

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Display Changer II 1.0.5 Released

This update fixes an issue with switching between extended mode, cloned mode, and a mixture of the two in a three-monitor configuration.

Display Changer II 1.0.4 Released

This version fixes the issue with adding a monitor to a configuration.