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Typecast 2.5.0 Released

This is a significant release with fixes, improvements, and new features.

* Added command to main context menu to exclude a show from all results. * Added command to main context menu to exclude earlier episodes from results (by modifying the search). * Implemented Sports only and Movies only options on Search window. * Added . . .

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Typecast 2.4.1 Released

This release includes some significant improvements. Artwork for shows (if available) is now displayed in the detail panel, reminder windows, and reminder e-mails. The lineup and search configurations have been combined and moved from the AppLocal folder to the user’s Documents folder. This way, you can more easily back them up with OneDrive, Google Drive, . . .

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Typecast 2.3.8 Released

There’ve been quite a few changes since the 2.3.1 release. Please let me know if anything isn’t working as you expect it to or even if something is difficult to figure out. Even though there are plenty of search options, I’d like to make Typecast easy and even attractive to use. I’m open to all . . .

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Typecast 2.3.1 Released

Typecast is out of beta! Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect or I’m done. There are plenty of features I’m going to add and things I want to improve. First, though, I plan to update the screenshots on the Web site. 🙂

On resuming from sleep, wait for an Internet connection to be established . . .

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Typecast 2.2.30 Beta Released

Tons of improvements and fixes! New search criteria and better performance! See the Typecast page for the full release notes.

Typecast is approaching non-beta quality, so stay tuned…

Typecast 2.1.22 Beta Released

I’ve made a number of additions and improvements in this version. You can now search on advisories and exclude specific advisories. You can now search on all content ratings for the lineup’s country. (Previously, Typecast saved only one, and it was for the U.S.) Typecast can now update the database if I change something structural . . .

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Typecast 2.0.13 Released

Typecast is still in alpha—for obvious reasons. I just fixed a problem with credentials where the hashes of some passwords weren’t formatted correctly.

I’ve also added more features and cleaned up a lot. The change history is on Typecast’s page.

Typecast 2.0 Alpha Released

Typecast is a new application designed to surface the television programs that you want to watch. Conventional TV listings applications display a huge grid of programs and forces you to scroll through it, searching for something you might be interested in. Typecast allows you to create custom searches that find what you want and only . . .

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Typecast and Carrier Pigeon On Hold

I’ve put the Typecast project on hold, and I’ve removed Carrier Pigeon from general distribution. They weren’t up to my standards, and I have another project that I think is more important (or at least, more interesting) at the moment. I continue to use Typecast myself, so I’ll return to it someday.

Typecast Released

I’ve published an update that includes support for e-mail reminders.

I’m putting development of Typecast on hiatus for now. It’s a frustrating application that nobody seems to be interested in, so I think I’ll focus on something that’s even more interesting to me for a while. I’m sure I’ll get back to Typecast because DigiGuide . . .

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