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Typecast 2.9.1 Released

Typecast 2.9.1 has been released. This version ignores invalid lineups in the Lineups window. I’ve also added an optional Windows Media Center component so that Typecast can display information about your scheduled and completed recordings on your WMC machine. Please see 12noon.com for details.

Typecast 2.8.11 Released

I fixed an occasional crash that could occur when a program finished airing.

Typecast 2.8.6 Released

This version should correct any future issues with automatic upgrades. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any issues upgrading to this version, please see the Change History or contact me via the Support page.

Added button to clean all stations that aren’t downloaded from the database. Added “swatch” to Search window’s Display tab . . .

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Typecast 2.8.2 – 2.8.5 Released (Requires Manual Upgrade)

This is unfortunate, and I apologize for the inconvenience. I don’t (yet) have a way to test upgrades without publishing a release. Unfortunately, I upgraded the installer I use and it had a problem. This broke upgrades for Typecast. (I will make it a priority to devise a way for me to test the upgrades . . .

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Typecast 2.8.2 Released

The latest update includes:

* Added option to relocate the Typecast.xml configuration file. * Improved clarity of menu commands. * Fix: Prevent user saving a search with no criteria. * Fix: Update default parameters of plugins when selecting them in the Actions tab.

Typecast 2.6.0 Released

Typecast 2.6.0 has some new, useful features and, of course, bug fixes.

* Added “Include programs with no season/episode” to Search window’s Episodes tab. * “Exclude episode S/E and earlier” is now enabled even if program has some non-episode airings (e.g., sneak peeks). * Save and restore custom order and width of columns in main . . .

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Typecast 2.5.0 Released

This is a significant release with fixes, improvements, and new features.

* Added command to main context menu to exclude a show from all results. * Added command to main context menu to exclude earlier episodes from results (by modifying the search). * Implemented Sports only and Movies only options on Search window. * Added . . .

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Typecast 2.4.1 Released

This release includes some significant improvements. Artwork for shows (if available) is now displayed in the detail panel, reminder windows, and reminder e-mails. The lineup and search configurations have been combined and moved from the AppLocal folder to the user’s Documents folder. This way, you can more easily back them up with OneDrive, Google Drive, . . .

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Typecast 2.3.8 Released

There’ve been quite a few changes since the 2.3.1 release. Please let me know if anything isn’t working as you expect it to or even if something is difficult to figure out. Even though there are plenty of search options, I’d like to make Typecast easy and even attractive to use. I’m open to all . . .

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Typecast 2.3.1 Released

Typecast is out of beta! Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect or I’m done. There are plenty of features I’m going to add and things I want to improve. First, though, I plan to update the screenshots on the Web site. 🙂

On resuming from sleep, wait for an Internet connection to be established . . .

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