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Alarm++ 9.1.1 Released

This release of Alarm++ fixes copy/paste of alarms.

This release is a patch release, so there’s no need to update your registration information.

Alarm++ 9.1.0 Released

This version has no new features. It’s rebuilt with the latest version of Visual Studio 2017. This version drops support for Windows 7, which has exited Microsoft’s mainstream support anyway. The older 9.0.2 version is still available for download though.

Fixed rare crash in list control Improved guard for file corruption Updated code to load . . .

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Alarm++ 9.0.2 Released

This version streamlines the application by removing some features that are either very rarely used, difficult to maintain, or just plain out-of-date: automation support, theme styles, tips, German translation, update check, context-sensitive help.

The documentation is now only on the Web site.

This version also fixes crash that occurred when the user selected a non-workday . . .

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Alarm++ 8.0.13 Released

I’ve published Alarm++ 8.0.13. There is now a 64-bit edition as well as a 32-bit edition.

Alarm++ 8.0.12 Released

Alarm++ lets you set the number of seconds that it should wait after resuming from sleep until it handles any events. I’ve fixed an issue that occurred on a number of Windows machines to eliminate this delay.

Alarm++ 8.0.11 Released

Alarm++ 8.0.11 fixes an issue with time-restriction settings. This issue occurred when an alarm used time-restriction settings and the time range spans midnight.