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Timekeeper 1.61.0 Released

This version of Timekeeper removes support for Windows XP themes and adds explicit support for Windows 7 and later (including 8 and 8.1). (This eliminates the compatibility warning on Windows 7 and later.) There’s a known issue with the new translucency Windows uses on the taskbar. Counterintuitively, if you disable Timekeeper’s transparent background and use a black background instead, it should be virtually transparent. If you use a color for the background, it will take on that hue (and will be translucent rather than solid).

Timekeeper 64-bit Installer

If you install Timekeeper on Windows 7 64-bit, Windows will display a compatibility warning. The correct 64-bit Timekeeper is still installed, so it’s safe to ignore this warning. I plan to investigate the cause of this warning sometime, but it has a lower priority because it seems to be innocuous. Please let me know if you see any compatibility issues with Timekeeper on 64-bit Windows.