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Timekeeper 1.62.3 Released

This new version supports only Windows 10. It’s been built with the latest development libraries and runtimes from Microsoft. (There is still a known issue with the transparent background.)

Timekeeper 1.62.1 Released

This release drops support for Windows Vista and updates the installer.

Timekeeper 1.62 Released

This version removes the compatibility warning. The default value for “Transparent background” is now false because it doesn’t look very good on Windows 7. Translucency on Windows is handled better so there’s no need for it anyway.

Timekeeper 1.61.0 Released

This version of Timekeeper removes support for Windows XP themes and adds explicit support for Windows 7 and later (including 8 and 8.1). (This eliminates the compatibility warning on Windows 7 and later.) There’s a known issue with the new translucency Windows uses on the taskbar. Counterintuitively, if you disable Timekeeper’s transparent background and use . . .

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Timekeeper 64-bit Installer

If you install Timekeeper on Windows 7 64-bit, Windows will display a compatibility warning. The correct 64-bit Timekeeper is still installed, so it’s safe to ignore this warning. I plan to investigate the cause of this warning sometime, but it has a lower priority because it seems to be innocuous. Please let me know if . . .

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Timekeeper 1.44.0 Released

I’ve released Timekeeper 1.44.0. This version has no new features. I’ve updated the installer to better support 64-bit Windows. If you have any issues, please use the Support page to let me know.