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Typecast 3.0.4 Released

This is a minor release that fixes a few minor issues. If you use the WMC features, be sure to download the updated Typecast WMC server as well. See 12noon.com for the full release notes.

Typecast 3.0.2 Released

Typecast now offers commands to tell your Windows Media Center to record a single program or a series. It may not be perfect (yet), but after two months of work, it’s good to let people start using it and to get some feedback.

I’ve added a tab to the Settings window for configuring the . . .

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Typecast 3.0 is Coming

As you’ve already seen, Typecast can get recording information from Windows Media Center and display what programs in your search results will be or have been recorded. I’m working on adding more Windows Media Center features to Typecast. In the next version, Typecast will be able to tell your Windows Media Center (via a . . .

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