Alarm++ can remind you with event windows, sounds, e-mail, music, speech—whatever works best for you. You can also use Alarm++ to schedule nightly backups, wake to music, open Web sites in the morning, and e-mail files home—automatically.

“I like this product a lot, and we find more and more uses for it in our office. After much searching, this is exactly the tool we needed. Simple to install, simple to use, inexpensive, and it has all the features we were looking for.”

Alarm++ will:

  • remind you of meetings, birthdays, and deadlines
  • wake up to your favorite MP3 files, videos, and CDs
  • visit your favorite Web sites every morning
  • send messages over the network to remind others
  • check your stocks weekly
  • start scripts and batch files to perform complex tasks
  • send e-mail reminders to anyone
  • use animated characters for speech and gestures
  • much more…

Download Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and later (64-bit)

Alarm++ Free is limited to five alarms. Purchase Alarm++ Unlimited to create an unlimited number of alarms.

“Thanks for your fast and thorough support. I depend on Alarm++ to run my life!”

Buy Alarm++ and receive:

  • Unlimited alarms
  • Free updates

You can use any major credit card.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Within 24 hours of placing your order, you will receive an e-mail with your registration information.

“I couldn’t run my office without this program and would endorse it anytime, anywhere.”


Alarm++ supports Microsoft® Windows® 11, 10, and 8.1 64-bit.

Windows 11 no longer supports 32-bit, so Alarm++ is no longer released as 32-bit. Microsoft has ended mainstream support for Windows 7, so Alarm++ 9.0.2 is the last release to support that platform. Similarly, Alarm++ 8.0.7 is the last release to support Windows XP and Server 2003.

Download 9.1.2 Windows 10 and 8.1 (32-bit)

Download 9.0.2 Windows 7 (64-bit)

Download 9.0.2 Windows 7 (32-bit)

Download 8.0.7 Windows XP

“Make sure you don’t forget about important tasks by using the powerful functionality of Alarm++ to create a variety of reminders.”



Relax knowing that Alarm++ will play your favorite MP3 track to wake you up in the morning, remind you to go to that 10AM meeting with Marketing, and tell you to pick up milk on your way home. Alarm++ can even automatically start your e-mail program and favorite Web sites before you come in tomorrow morning and put your computer to sleep after you’re gone for the day.

Reminder Windows

Alarm++ reminds you with event windows that don’t take focus away from what you’re doing. Most alarm applications rudely steal focus from the application you’re using. This often means you accidentally dismiss the reminder, leaving you wondering what it was for. Alarm++ displays polite reminders, not rude ones. Dismiss them or snooze them (for a few minutes, hours, or days) whenever it’s convenient.

Play Audio/Video Media

Events play any media you’ve got: MP3s, video, etc.—wake up to your favorite track, favorite movie, or favorite sound clip from South Park.

Repeating Events

Events repeat at many different intervals: every few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years. Set alarms for every third Tuesday, Friday the 13th, the second workday of the month, the last Monday of every third month, and more…

Events repeat as many times as you want: once, twice, … forever, or until a specific date.

Customize Events

Restrict events to certain hours of the day, weekdays, weeks of the month, months of the year, only on workdays, or only on non-workdays.

Schedule Tasks

Start applications or scripts, open Web sites, open files, anything you can do with a Windows shortcut. Make backups every night, download your stock information every week, visit your favorite Web sites every morning, and more…

If you have advanced needs, you can use Windows Scripting to make Alarm++ do almost anything when an event goes off. The Alarm++ installation includes some sample scripts and batch files that you can modify for your own use.

Send E-Mail

Alarms send e-mail reminders to any e-mail address: your cell phone, someone’s pager, your spouse, your department, etc. (You can use a Web service that routes an e-mail to a cell phone as a text message via SMS.)

Shareware—Try Before You Buy

Alarm++ is shareware so you can try it for FREE before you register.

Alarm++ allows you to use ALL of its features: all types of repeat intervals, templates, e-mail, applications, and more. The only limitation is the number of alarms that can be active. You can create an unlimited number of alarms after you purchase a license.


Alarm++ saves your changes automatically—you’ll never lose your alarms if Windows crashes.

And Much, Much More…


“GoldDownload Review Staff give this product a Pick Award because it is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section and so on.”


Main Window

Manage alarms, edit alarm templates, skip events, and test alarms.

Event Window

Alarm++ can (optionally) display a reminder window like this when an event occurs.

These are the settings that you can specify for each alarm that you create in Alarm++.

Alarm’s General Page

Set message, date, time, default snooze, an offset from the selected date(s), and an optional expiration time. You can also specify that this alarm is a template, from which you can create other alarms.

Alarm’s Repeat Page

Use this page to set the alarm’s start date, its repeat interval, and the number of events that should occur.

Alarm’s Advanced Page

You can specify that events occur only on certain days of the week, weeks of the month, or months. You can also indicate that events occur only on workdays or non-workdays and what Alarm++ should do if an event would occur on a day you don’t want. Finally, events can occur only during certain hours of every day.

Alarm’s Media Page

Specify the media Alarm++ will play when an event occurs. Alarm++ can play an audio file (MP3, WAV, etc.) or a video (.AVI, .MPEG, etc.). It can also simply beep (with a specific frequency and duration) or be silent.

Alarm’s Speech Page

Alarm++ can recite your reminder to you. Specify whatever text you want it to say, including the alarm’s name or message.

Alarm’s Window Page

Specify the size and location of the event window (if any), its level of transparency, and its animation.

Alarm’s Application Page

An event can start an application, visit a Web site, open a document, run a script, and more.

Alarm’s Mail Page

Send an e-mail with optional attachments.


Specify which days of the week you work and which days of the year are exceptions (such as holidays or vacation). This information is used for an alarm’s Advanced properties. (See above.)