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Display Changer II 1.4.1 Released

This version fixes a defect I introduced when I added the -fullscreen switch. It prevented Display Changer II from running an application you passed on the command line if you didn’t also include the -fullscreen switch. I apologize for the oversight.

Display Changer II 1.3.3 Released

This version adds two new switches that can be used to modify the -configure switch: -force and -no-optimize. These can be useful in situations where the video driver needs to be explicitly reset or you don’t want Windows to try and optimize the configuration process. There is also some additional error-checking when reading and writing files. The usage information is now displayed only when nothing is passed on the command line.

Display Changer II 1.2.1 Released

This update fixes an issue with multiple video cards. It adds an -active switch for storing current configurations. There’s a new -list switch to display available resolutions and a -debug switch to aid in troubleshooting.

Display Changer II 1.0.5 Released

This update fixes an issue with switching between extended mode, cloned mode, and a mixture of the two in a three-monitor configuration.

Display Changer II 1.0.4 Released

This version fixes the issue with adding a monitor to a configuration.

Display Changer II 1.0.3 Issue Adding Monitor

It seems that the latest version of DC II has some problems adding a monitor to a configuration. I’m looking into it. Sometimes, using the -extend or -secondary switch will make it work. I’ll post a fix as soon as I can.

Display Changer II 1.0.3

This update fixes an issue with cloning and extending your display configuration. I’ve also added support for selecting only the PC screen or only the secondary screen (like switching between your laptop and the projector or PC and TV).

Display Changer II Coming

Display Changer II uses the new APIs in Windows 7 (and later) to configure displays. It includes support for cloning displays and uses configuration files instead of switches for resolution settings. The alpha release will be published this week.

Typecast and Carrier Pigeon On Hold

I’ve put the Typecast project on hold, and I’ve removed Carrier Pigeon from general distribution. They weren’t up to my standards, and I have another project that I think is more important (or at least, more interesting) at the moment. I continue to use Typecast myself, so I’ll return to it someday.

Typecast Released

I’ve published an update that includes support for e-mail reminders.

I’m putting development of Typecast on hiatus for now. It’s a frustrating application that nobody seems to be interested in, so I think I’ll focus on something that’s even more interesting to me for a while. I’m sure I’ll get back to Typecast because DigiGuide seems to be abandoned, and I need something to manage my television listings.