Timekeeper is a deskband (like the taskbar) that displays the current date and time in whatever format you specify. If you click on it with your mouse, it will display a calendar that you can resize to display as many months as you want.

Download Windows 10 (64- and 32-bit)

Download Windows 8.1 and 7 (64- and 32-bit)

Download Windows XP (64- and 32-bit)


I was inspired to write Timekeeper because I used to use TClockEx, and while it’s an interesting (but fragile) solution, it’s very old and hasn’t been updated since the year 2000. Since then, Windows has introduced the concept of deskbands, small bars that can be hidden, displayed, resized, floated, and moved. I wrote Timekeeper to take advantage of these modern features.

You can drag Timekeeper wherever you want it—even vertically—just like your other deskbands.

German Timekeeper has been translated into German.



When you click on Timekeeper with your mouse, it displays a calendar.

Note: the Windows calendar control follows this rule for numbering the weeks of the year: “Week 1 is defined as the first week that contains at least four days.”


To access Timekeeper’s menu, right-click on Timekeeper. The menu allows you to perform the following functions:

  • Obtain information about 12noon Products.
  • Display this Help document.
  • Display the About window.
  • Configure the date/time display.
  • Adjust the system date/time.
  • Specify whether the calendar should highlight today’s date.
  • Specify whether the calendar should display week numbers.
  • Specify whether the calendar should remember its position.
  • Specify whether the calendar should remember its size.
  • Specify the calendar’s font.


Timekeeper runs on Microsoft® Windows® 10. The Timekeeper installer contains both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. (Microsoft has ended—or soon will end—mainstream support for Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP and Server 2003, so those platforms are no longer officially supported.)

Known Issues

Transparency doesn’t work well. Use a black background instead.


1.62.4: Built with latest Microsoft Windows SDK and Visual Studio 2020 runtime.
1.62.3: Built with latest Microsoft Windows SDK and Visual Studio 2017 (15.4.1) runtime.
1.62.2: Built with latest Microsoft Windows SDK and Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 runtime. (Last version to officially support Windows 7 and 8.1.)
1.62.0: Removed compatibility warning. Changed default to be opaque (not transparent). Improved handling of Windows translucency.
1.61.0: Fixed issue with composition. Known issue: transparency doesn’t work well. Use a black background instead.
1.60.0: Added support for Windows 7 and later. Removed support for Windows XP themes.
1.44.0: Updated installer for 64-bit.
1.42: Fixed calendar not displaying (because mouse click went to tooltip).
1.41: Eliminated tooltip flickering. Fixed menu display error in rare occasions. Renamed 64-bit DLL.
1.40: Auto-reload format. Added %T and %V.
1.32: Added Adjust Date/Time command.

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