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Alarm++ 9.0.2 Released

This version streamlines the application by removing some features that are either very rarely used, difficult to maintain, or just plain out-of-date: automation support, theme styles, tips, German translation, update check, context-sensitive help.

The documentation is now only on the Web site.

This version also fixes crash that occurred when the user selected a non-workday . . .

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Alarm++ 8.0.13 Released

I’ve published Alarm++ 8.0.13. There is now a 64-bit edition as well as a 32-bit edition.

Alarm++ 8.0.12 Released

Alarm++ lets you set the number of seconds that it should wait after resuming from sleep until it handles any events. I’ve fixed an issue that occurred on a number of Windows machines to eliminate this delay.

Alarm++ 8.0.11 Released

Alarm++ 8.0.11 fixes an issue with time-restriction settings. This issue occurred when an alarm used time-restriction settings and the time range spans midnight.